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NRK Graphic Design has initiated work on explainer videos for the past five years, mainly for elections and climate change issues.

Kristin Tryti, responsible for motion information graphics in NRK Graphic Design and Project Manager for BIG, says that the designers’ frame of mind is brilliant when complicated matters need explaining.

There has up until now been free experimentation with branding treatment, text effects, fonts and colours, making it difficult to distinguish a BBC News video in social media news feeds.

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It has resulted in design for an easy-to-consume and engaging vertical format ”videos of the day” service.

The vertical format will also shape the BBC Stories due to being released these days, presenting current affairs with a more personal and immersive touch.

Nuveen, today announced that two municipal bond closed-end funds have filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission notices of intention to redeem all of their respective outstanding Institutional Muni Fund Term...

Nuveen, an operating division of TIAA Global Asset Management, today announced that the Board of Trustees of each of 19 municipal closed-end funds have approved a plan to change the names of each fund.

The digital story developers in NRK created a vertical storytelling module for the story about a village coming to terms with having a reception centre for asylum seekers. The story relies on powerful photographs and videos with focused text, working on all platforms, but mainly on mobile phones.

The story reached a wide audience and was a big eye opener for journalists in NRK.

Paula Thompson, Design Director of BBC Visual Journalism states that digital ready content needs a digital ready brand.

Digital video teams are popping up across BBC News.

In BBC’s Broadcasting House centrally in London, the Graphics department has become part of the visual journalism team.

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