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After its restoration in a Chelsea stable, formerly part of Mores estate, the newly framed painting was resplendent.

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An examination by microscope in January 1987 by the Courtauld Institute indicated that an original eighteenth century date had apparently been changed by additions of brown/grey and blue/black semi-transparent Further examination by the Hamilton Kerr Institute of Cambridge indicated that the Locky signature was a later addition and spurious.

A pigs snout had been clearly superimposed on the nose of the little dog, directly in front of St.

The family tradition has held the painting to be a Holbein painted for Margaret Roper and her husband William.

Both John Lewis and George Vertue described it as a Holbein in their time.

later published four letters referring to Geraldine Normans article.

Mark Bostridge (April 4, 1983) argued that the Nostell painting was a Locky copy of the lost Holbein original, given to William Roper, son of William and Margaret Roper.

These four grams were insufficient to create the required volume of carbon dioxide gas for the 2.5 liter counters operated at three atmospheres. Damon had to dilute the specimen gas with pure inert COWhen I queried this quotation, he wrote me that it was not quite true that he stated that it was doubtful that canvas of the sixteenth century could be carbon dated. Should the level of confidence be increased to 99 per cent, there was a slight possibility of a confusion between 1525 and the 1600-1620 period Although the scientific controversy has still to be resolved, Lord St.

The important point, he emphasised, was that the canvas was signed and dated Rowland Locky, 1592. Oswald was sufficiently satisfied by the reports from Dr. Switsur to invite the present Lord Chancellor to officiate at the elegant ceremony at Nostell.

This is an overt rebus and I am today inviting YOU to solve it. On the other hand, the covert rebus is not at all obvious.

Encryption adds the element of secrecy to the word transformations. Decryption strips away the secrecy leaving the linguistic equivalents, which make sense (they MUST make sense! Please dont worry if you do not immediately grasp the significance of the remarkable covert rebus. It took nearly five hundred years to work out that Holbein was risking his life to communicate personal and political history for posterity, for March 1983 (Lady Day), the Right Honourable, the Lord Hailsham of St.

Recent investigation revealed an anti-Catholic slogan on the painting, which appeared in the mid-18th century and was later over painted with a spurious date and signature, 1530' or '1532'.

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