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To make ends meet, the members of the sect canned fruits and vegetables, manufactured animal traps, and made steel flatware blanks, which were sold to Meridian Britannia Company for silverplating.

This blog is an exploration of silver and silver plate.

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Dating oneida wm rogers silversmith

Before that many of these marks were owned by a variety of companies and were bought and sold through a variety of business cycles. Joseph Rodgers and Sons Place: Sheffield England Years: 1682 - Present Asa Rogers Jr. 1832 - 1838 Renamed from Rogers & Cole Rogers & Britten Place: West Stratford Connecticut Years: 1880 - 1882 Mergers: Taken over by Holmes and Edwards Rogers & Brothers Rogers Brothers Place: Waterbury Connecticut Year: 1847 - 1855 Founders: Asa Rogers Simeon Rogers Leroy S. Hamilton Mergers and Notes: 1855 Changed name to Rogers & Bros.

Place: Hartford, Connecticut Years: 1900 - 1929 Mergers: Absorbed by Wm. Meriden Connecticut Founded: January 1, 1857 Manufactured: Holloware Flatware Founders William Rogers Sr.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment. Rogers Rogers & Hamilton Company Place: Waterbury, Connecticut Years: 1886 - 1898 Mergers: Merged with International Silver Company 1898 Founders: Charles Alfred Hamilton William H.

If you are able to use any of this information please link to the page. Rogers - Cigar dealer hired and made secretary so the Rogers name could be used.

We weigh these items separately from those that are 100% sterling such as forks and spoons.

Once you separate out any pieces that might be weighted we would recommend weighing everything else on a postal scale.

The men managing the various "Rogers" companies sometimes were linked by family relationships but often this was not the case. Manufacturer of silverplated flatware in the building of Holmes Booth & Hayden. The two companies were consolidated in 1861 under the presidency of William Rogers. In the 1880s the firm had a bitter controversy with William Rogers Jr. In 1898 the firm became part of International Silver Co The firm was founded in the 1890s by Wm. Rogers a small storekeeper of New York using the "(R) ROGERS (R)" trademark from c.

The best known trademark is " 1847 Rogers Bros ", used from 1862, but lots of companies with this name were created, merged, separated in an endless succession of intertwined relationships. The president was Charles Alfred Hamilton, while William H. The firm was one of the original companies to become part of International Silver Co. A series of intertwined companies having their origin in 1825 in Hartford (CT) when William Rogers Sr entered in partnership with his master silversmith Joseph Church.

The firm was merged in 1861 with Rogers Brothers Mfg Co under the presidence of William Rogers. The firm was an Ontario corporation active in New York and North Hampton, MA, when was bought by Oneida in 1929individual mark of William Rogers used on coin silver spoons (Hartford, CT, 1825-1841).

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