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My maps location plugin for Jomsocial allows you to add a Geolocation in user profile in two ways: - You can map existing Jomsocial fields with My Maps location.Then all your members can be searched with the powerful My Maps location search engine - Map the Jomsocial address field of your choice with My maps location address field - Jomsocial native App, can be set as core app or not - Display the dating search module Option: - Map type option including zoom type height and width of the map ------------------------ And all the My maps location features!With Jom Social 4.1 we rebuilt all modules and apps from ground up, and had to remove some that make no sense to keep them as functionality is either not used anymore, or have been provided in different module or app.

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"JF Latest Photos" is a beautiful photos slider module for Jom Social. Photos can be filtered by "Album IDs", set-up photos limit, shuffle images etc.

Photos can be shown via Pirobox Lightbox or Jom Social Core Popup. "JF Profile Bar" is a beautiful profile module for Jom Social.

Video demo of My Maps Location available here: **Main features of My Maps Location** - Responsive design and bootstrap integration - Custom background to fit your website design - Point your location directly on Google Map or use predictive search - Automatic filled location information (latitude and longitude) - Display multiple places on a single map - Add multiple tag to locations and setup as filters - An editor button to select and display one or some location in articles - Distance/radius search with custom value - A module to load your locations - A module to display location search field - Cluster function (group location) - Designed marker icon set - Choose between Google Maps or Bing Maps - An individual search module - Display search result as list and detailed view - Add some information to the location: images, description, hours,...

In today’s release, we don’t just have one product update to announce, we’ve got an entire line of updated Jom Social products... So grab a cup of coffee, sit back end enjoy the great news.

The feature will not influence your current registration flow and must be manually configured. The old toolbar module will still be a part of package too, for smoother transition.

You can find it in Jom Social Dashboard under Configuration - Registration settings. The newest addition to the Jom Social family of extra modules is one we’ve been carefully crafting for past few weeks.

JF Login Pro is a beautiful popup login module for Jom Social. You can choose 3-rd party extension integration, set-up dropdown type, show name, username or email, also you can set-up custom links, enable/disable avatar, badg ...

The Module Knu Whoisonline for JS Community 4.x shows the users who are online with the avatare, the username, the gender and the age of the online users.

Applications and addons listed here, (unless specified), has not been "verified" by the Jom Social team.

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