Dating since high school

A lot of people think that we are stuck with them and too afraid to break up because we have been together for so long. R&B: How has your relationship changed since you've been in college?

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Dating since high school

Struggles include meeting someone in the first place, getting out of the friend zone and going through the ever-confusing “talking” stage.

The stress associated with starting a new relationship is often what keeps people single.

Emma Lege: I'm a first year intended finance major. Since we see each other only on weekends and breaks, we've learned to just enjoy quality time over quantity.

R&B: When did you and your significant other start dating? Veilands: February of our senior year of high school. We always joke about how weird it is to have classes together since we went to different high schools. It’s not always easy, but I think the distance reveals that it’s worth the effort for both of us.

There's an assumption that a relationship in high school lacks a sort of substance and authenticity.

Veilands: I think there is a stigma because most people assume high school relationships never work out.

We were together that whole week, and have been ever since. R&B: How much time do you spend with your significant other?

Veilands: We've known each other since pre-school, but weren't actually close until our senior year when his brother was dating one of my friends. Mc Kay: I can’t remember a day where I haven’t seen her.

I feel that our bond is much stronger than the average person’s relationship, just in the sense that we were kids when we met." —"We met at the mall, like all kids in the `80s.

Everyone assumed that we were going to get married because we were really close and my parents loved him, but that’s a lot of pressure out of high school to get married.

It got very intense very quickly when we were both single at the same time.

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