Dating site called fish in the sea

In 1865 a giant lion's mane jellyfish was found in the Massachusetts Bay.The bell was 7 1/2 feet and it's tentacles measured 120 feet long and a width of 245 ft..The natives claim this creature has even snatched people off of piers as they stood there unaware of the animals presence.

dating site called fish in the sea-73

It is described as being 40 ft long, a snake like body, 3 humps, flippers and a horse like head.

Many Cryptozoologists believe that Ponik may be a abnormally large sturgeon or a thought to be extinct dinosaur called a plesiosaur.

The creature is described as having a long neck and a dragon like head.

It also has a hump which is seen more often, creating a wake across the lake's surface.

Lake Van in Turkey is home to a dinosaur like creature.

Many witnesses have observed this creature including the Deputy Minister of the province.

There are known species of salamanders in Japan that grow to 6 ft in length.

No specimens of the California salamanders have been captured and studied yet.

Since the lake was surrounded by swamps and bogs there were a lot of dead cedar stumps and smaller trees sticking out of the water as late as the 1960's.perch fishing in the lake.

Perch tend to be a shallow-water fish which hang out in the water weeds that have grown up in the flooded areas.

One crew members died during this encounter after being stung by the creature.

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