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The student was cautious about the men he met through the site and always told his friends where he was going and showed them a photo of who he was meeting.He agreed to Port's offer of £800 for an overnight date and told his friend Ellie Green about it "in case I get killed".

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Dating site murderer profile Live nightsex

Meanwhile, he befriended Mr Kovari's Spanish boyfriend Thierry Amodio on Facebook under the guise of an American student in London called Jon Luck.

He preyed on the young man's grief to cover his tracks and ensure any suspicions would not be directed towards him.

He was propped up wearing sunglasses next to a bag of his belongings.

Port told his neighbour that his former flatmate had died of an infection in Spain and his family were "in bits".

He was originally from Hull but was renting a room in Golders Green, north-west London, while studying fashion at Middlesex University.

He occasionally worked as a male escort which is how he came into contact with Port through a website called Sleepyboys.

He liked a drink but never took drugs, aside from cannabis during a trip to Amsterdam, the court heard.

Mr Whitworth met Port through Fitlads dating website on August 18 - before the death of Mr Kovari - but they did not meet until the evening of September 18.

It is believed Ward uploaded various pictures to the site of himself in prison on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

According to the Mirror his ‘about me’ read as follows: ‘I’m looking to meet new people and who knows maybe meet someone special.’ Ward’s profile was removed by the online dating site following a request from the Prison Service who said that all inmates caught accessing the internet would ‘be stripped of their privileges and may be reported to the police for further action.’ His victim’s mother, Gill said of Ward online dating: ‘It’s horrific, how could you allow someone who is supposed to be serving life to do this?

As an extra precaution, he told her he had a small knife but was going to take scissors with him.

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