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It's a lame attempt to make a film for couples who like comedies, I'll tell you this save your money and go rent He's Just Not That Into(2009) instead. Jordan why are you in this, you have proved to be better than this, you deserve better.Has for Zac Efron, after seeing you in this, I think your 15 minutes of fame are about up.“It would be easy for me to dismiss him and move on,” after the Louisville game. [ the Kentucky football team’s actions at the Music City Bowl.

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See more » I was so unsettled by this movie, I walked out before it ended, To the point I just didn't care, even though it was getting close to the end, But I was tortured enough.

Identity Thief(2013) is an Oscar winner compared to this.

When their new next-door neighbors turn out to be a sorority even more debaucherous than the fraternity previously living there, Mac and Kelly team with their former enemy, Teddy, to bring the girls down.

Jason has just been dumped, but he didn't even realize they were going out.

But then Jason meets Ellie who just might be perfect for him, Daniel starts to realize that his gal pal Chelsea might be perfect for him, and Mikey has always thought that his wife was perfect for him.

The boys are going to have to juggle their single life with their romantic entanglements and it's going to get awkward.Meanwhile, Mikey's wife has just asked him for a divorce, and perpetually single Daniel is still single.The three best friends are determined to stay single together and just have fun.Barnhart has done everything in his power to make right all the Music City Bowl wrongs.Kentucky is looking for a new wide receivers coach. The former Miami Dolphin and Hurricane wide out spent the last two seasons coaching wide receivers in Lexington.reports that Jones will in fact be back for one more year.

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