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In northeast India, it is present in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, and West Bengal and in the Indo-Gangetic Plain's Terai region.

Dhole populations in the Himalaya and northwest India are fragmented.

The origin of dholes in Sumatra and Java is, as of 2005, unclear, as they show greater relatedness to dholes in India, Burma and China rather than with those in nearby Malaysia.

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Nevertheless, two major phylogeographic groupings were discovered in dholes of the Asian mainland, which likely diverged during a glaciation event.

One population extends from South, Central, and North India (south of the Ganges) into Burma, and the other extends from India north of the Ganges into northeastern India, Burma, Thailand and the Malaysian Peninsula.

How this sound is produced is unknown, though it is thought to help in coordinating the pack when travelling through thick brush.

When attacking prey, they emit screaming Ka Ka Ka KAA sounds. Friendly or submissive greetings are accompanied by horizontal lip retraction and the lowering of the tail, as well as licking.

Adult females can weigh from 10 to 17 kg (22 to 37 lb), while the slightly larger male may weigh from 15 to 21 kg (33 to 46 lb).

The mean weight of adults from three small samples was 15.1 kg (33 lb).

George Simpson placed the dhole in the subfamily Simocyoninae alongside the African wild dog and the bush dog, on account of all three species' similar dentition.

Subsequent authors, including Juliet Clutton-Brock, noted greater morphological similarities to canids of the genera Canis, Dusicyon, and Alopex than to either Speothos or Lycaon, with any resemblance to the latter two being due to convergent evolution.adustus (Pocock, 1941), antiquus (Matthew & Granger, 1923), clamitans (Heude, 1892), dukhunensis (Sykes, 1831), fumosus (Pocock, 1936), grayiformis (Hodgson, 1863), infuscus (Pocock, 1936), javanicus (Desmarest, 1820), laniger (Pocock, 1936), lepturus (Heude, 1892), primaevus (Hodgson, 1833), rutilans (Müller, 1839) However, studies on dhole mt DNA and microsatellite genotype showed no clear subspecific distinctions.

He stated that dhole was a common local name for the species.

A Tiger Hunted by Wild Dogs (1807) by Samuel Howitt: This is one of the first illustrations of the species, featured in Thomas Williamson's Oriental Field Sports.

Currently, no other recent reports are confirmed of dhole being present in Russia, with no recent reports from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan, though one specimen was caught in southern China's Jiangxi district.

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