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The ceremony is Anglican and, in formal, quite similar to anything I've seen in the states or N. There is no big finish kiss, just a modest lifting of the veil.

I felt slightly sorry of the bride in her huge white dress.

This is kind of my advice guide for newbies re: sexual interactions in the Solomons.

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Everywhere I turn there are people falling in love or hooking up.

I don't know if its the time of year here or what but something is clearly up.

The reception is held at a school hall and the wantoks of the bride and groom have prepared a huge feast of motu (an above ground oven covered in rocks) kasava, fish, chicken and veggies.

The wedding cake is banana with white icing (it was delicious, of course I tried it), three tiered with a white bride and groom statue on top.

But love is clearly in the air here in Honiara (I leave it up to you to ponder whether it has struck me or not).

I sort of pinkie promised myself that I wouldn't talk about cause, well, its a bit personal.

Weddings Me and my faithful housemate Carol (who moved in about two months ago to Casa Turchese) attend a wedding on Saturday afternoon.

There are certainly hallmarks of a very western wedding: the big white dress, the groom in a tux, and the bridal party all in matching pink outfits. Instead of the “you may now kiss the bride”, the priest says “you may now lift the veil of your brides”.

There is no public kissing or hugging of the opposite sex.

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