Dating violence against women

The networks of NGOs, advocating for women's cause, should try to include media in their network, they should not see media as their adversary.

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Dating violence against women

The persons working in the media should be made conscious and sensitive about gender issues and women's human rights.

despite media's exposure of violence, women and their families were still unwilling or afraid to come forward to take advantage of whatever laws were on the statute book for the protection of women".

Publication of obscene materials is an act of VAW for it demean women's dignity.

The media should be conscious to present women in their right perspective.

Due to the lack of resources and trained work force, the media is not capable to produce widely impressive materials.

Some of the women issues like trafficking, prostitution and rape come in the media just to create sensation.

News coverage of violence against women has often been sensational, exploitative, and lacking in serious analysis of the prevalence.

However, media coverage and depictions of sexual assault and domestic violence have begun to change. Media also have a duty to report accurately on acts of violence against women.

Sometimes media itself becomes a cause to provoke VAW and materials presented by it can be called as an act of VAW.

For example, defaming false remark about some woman in the media may cause her to suffer.

The media's role should be to expose and generate awareness against society's ills and evils, therefore their role should be still more effective.

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