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They are world-average, cradle-to-gate factors, defined in physical terms (kg CO/kg product).

Sato (2014) presents a detailed discussion, and sensitivity test, of the advantages and disadvantages of using world average factors relative to country-specific factors.

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The CHTRD employs a five-tier resource taxonomy permitting queries to be as atomised or aggregated as required.

The Chatham House Resource Trade Database employs a systematic approach to identify and manage data gaps and errors.

However, it does present several challenges for users focusing on resource trade, which the CHRTD and the site address: The Chatham House Resource Trade Database reorganizes data around natural resources.

As the IMTS and HS systems contain all types of traded goods - including manufactured goods - analysing natural resource trade flows in UN Comtrade typically requires amalgamating a variety of HS codes.

UN Comtrade utilizes three distinct trade classification systems: the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS), the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC), and Broad Economic Categories (BEC).

Of these, the CHRTD employs the HS taxonomy (1996 revision) which assigns HS codes to all forms of traded goods in a hierarchical structure (2, 4, and 6 digit codes respectively represent commodity chapters, headings, and subheadings).Data points that are deemed unreliable and irreconcilable are labelled as such and quarantined.A manual process of reviewing some of the larger flows that have been excluded from the database by this process allows us to reintroduce important flows at the global level, using external sources where has been developed by Chatham House to enable users to explore the fast-evolving dynamics of international trade in natural resources, the sustainability implications of such trade, and the related interdependencies that emerge between importing and exporting countries and regions.The trade data on this site are from the Chatham House Resource Trade Database (CHRTD).The CHRTD overcomes this problem by selecting over 1,350 HS codes that are identifiable as raw materials or relatively undifferentiated intermediate products, and grouping them by resource type.

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