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A waste of time with her, a gold digger number one who profits from others., we started our communication, where after 3 months she invited me come to Uzbekistan.In the spring i came to Tasjkent, where Elvira was waiting me at the airport and we went to the hotel where i reserved prior my departure. After our acquaintance we decided to have a real meet, Elvira invited me come to Uzbekistan.For the recent mew reports, updates and new photos, please go to the bottom of this page.

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I refuse because of my work, and invited her come to my city, elya accepted my inviiation and asked me 400 dollars for plane tickets to send through Web Money or Western Union. I did notice that somebody was calling many times on her cell phone, but i didn’t understand because she was speaking in other language, the voice on the phone was from a man.

I send to her this money but elya never came to my city and dissapeared. I asked Elvira about her son Ernest that i would like to see him, she told that Ernest was at the mountains with his grandparents and that he will return after my departure to Geneve.

She never answered my messages through or to her email. When searching her name on internet i found her name here, alhamdulillah i am so glad.! In the next days Elvira and i went to the center of city, of course to shops, she is very capricious and wanted that i buy for her dress and some other things, i told her that i am not such man who will pay for her caprices, C’moon we have just meet! Elvira went angry to me and she say that i was a liar, she took a taxi cab and leaved me alone in the center of Tashkent. After this i didn’t have any contact with Elvira till 4 days before my departure to Geneve.

She came to my hotel where i was staying and apologized about her behaviour, i forgive her, and she wanted go to “special place” in the city, we took together a taxi cab and we go to the outskirts of the city, we get out from the taxi and we went to near the forest, where suddently one joung man came out from the bushes and began to threaten, if i not give 1500 dollars something very bad will happen to me.

She wanted come to The netherlands but has not money for ticket, she asked me 700 USD for tickets. Elvira, on facebook as Elya ismaeva, wanted come to my city and asking 800 dollars for buy flight tickets. Now that i have read about this Elya or Elvira here on this and other sites, i am so glad to have a good american wife who loves me as how i am and not as what i have (money, house, car, savings, richdom, that i not have) An advice for you all guys, look for the wife near you, not from such countries as Russia or whatever, they only looks for men to get greencard or for rip you off.“Hello Dmitri, how are you?

When i search her name on google i found your site. I sent her this money via Western Union, but never came. i like very much your profile and decided write to you.

It seems Elvira has a relationship with this man or he is her husband or her pimp, unfortunately i didn’t understand his name well. After we have changed a coupl of messages, she felt in love with me and wanted come to me, but she not have the money and needs to raise a child alone. While we was in the center, Elvira was looking in many shops for clothes, shoes, even some technica as computers, mobile phone…

I sent to her £800 through Western Union, and a invitation for her from the UK Department of Immigration. she wanted so much such things, when i offered her for buy new shoes or new dress, she was looking not such happy.

After this i went back to home and searched her name on internet where i found this site, on facebook i blocked her. I asked her to pay in advance by herself, when she will arrive in France, i will pay the flight ticket and other expenses back for 100% sure to her, when i told this, she dissapeared and blocked me on facebook. I was not interested in her because i am 10 years happily married, my wife has a facebook page too. When i blocked her, then she wrote to my wife through facebook, saying that i was cheating my wife with her, having secret encounters and that Elvira was pregnant from me, she wanted rip me off 300 $ for maintain her.

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