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Carmen Electra hasn't ruled out remarrying Dave Navarro.The 45-year-old star was married to the 50-year-old musician between 20 but she hasn't ruled out the pair reuniting and tying the knot once again. Dave Navarro believes Chris Cornell will go ''down in the history books'' for his ''remarkable'' sound.He is of Puerto Rican descent and although he had many minor roles in television before, not much is known about his personal life. @dylan_minnette @netflix @netflixlat #13Reasons Why only on #netflix March 31st. I'm not in the trailer, so here's proof I haven't in fact concocted an elaborate ruse. March 31st join Tony Padilla (me) and the rest of the gang and find out Who Killed Hannah Baker.

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Host Electra will share her own relationship stories.

The interesting thing here is that last sentence, “Host Electra will share her own relationship stories,” and it’s interesting because Carmen Electra has dated Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman, and has been linked to Prince.

Rocker Dave Navarro has made a documentary about his mother's murder.

Connie Navarro and her best friend Susan Marshall Jory were shot dead by her ex-boyfriend John Riccardi in 1983, when the rocker was 15 years...

READ THE DOCUMENTS HERE Robinson claimed in her 2014 filing that she was an assistant and talent wrangler for the show and that Peck and Nunez would tickle her, ask her if “she likes to suck d**ks,” and even called another judge on the tattoo competition show a homophobic slur.” In new exclusive documents obtained by Radar, the parties involved, including Original Media and Viacom, told Judge Batts they have “engaged in good-faith settlement discussions [regarding a settlement], but have not yet reached a resolution.” The attorneys stated in a letter to the court that they “believe a settlement conference before a Magistrate Judge would be beneficial at this time.” Radar also obtained the “Protective Order regarding Confidentiality of Discovery Materials,” which states that “any party shall have the right to identify and designate as ‘confidential’ or ‘highly confidential: attorneys’ eyes only,’ any documents, materials, testimony, information or trade secrets.” Robinson’s attorney declined to comment to Radar, stating: “We cannot provide comment on ongoing litigation.” Story developing.

Great news for fans of island-based dating shows hosted by Carmen Electra: Carmen Electra is hosting a brand new island-based dating show. Because she was the “maid of honor,” you see, but she was also “made” of “honor.” God, what will they come up with next?

judges who were sued for sexually harassing a woman who worked on the production of their show are nearing a settlement in the case, Radar has exclusively learned.

Nicoletta Robinson sued judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez, claiming the two tattoo artists harassed her with graphic and lewd sex talk and physically touched her in the 11 days she says she worked on the show.

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This means that there could be a moment on this show where a female castmember complains about her ex, like, leaving laundry on the floor, and Carmen Electra replies “I know what you mean” before launching into a 10-minute story about Dave Navarro wearing her leather pants to the Playboy Mansion and spilling soup on them during dinner with Hugh Hefner.

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