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Reichmann 194)Assuming, however, that the verticalisation of the spectrum of variations which marks the transition to the New High German period led to the selection of one single variation accepted as norm as opposed to the negatively labelled competitors, from now on referred to as "incorrect", it is essential to be able to prove two theses:1.

that all other variations which did not assert themselves were just as functional and not at all "diffuse", which implies that there are no functional reasons for the acceptance of the New High German variation as norm, and2.

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Man verwendet sie im täglichen Sprachgebrauch, doch fällt es auch mitunter Erwachsenen schwer, die eigenen ausgesprochenen Worte richtig zu benennen.

Stellt sich doch oft die Frage, was sind Nomen, Verben und Adjektive in einem Satz überhaupt?

Wenn man erst einmal den Unterschied begriffen hat, vergisst man ihn auch nicht so schnell wieder.

Ob Schüler, Student oder als Erwachsener, was Nomen, Verben und Adjektive sind, lässt sich leicht herausfinden.

Traditional history of language more or less explicitly adopts the point of view that language developed as a continuum with its origins in the east-central High German variety as embellished and consolidated by the Reformation, the spread of book printing, officialese and the influence of belles lettres as well as grammatical description.

Even if in the last 20 years traditions pertaining to standard language and particular types of text, the role of the various literary landscapes as well as socio-pragmatic factors have been focused upon, the traditional assumption of a development, profilation or functionalisation of linguistic means based on the idea of progress still continues unabated.Besides self-representation in art, literature and religion, the educated citizenry's aspiration to compensate for their social inferiority led also to the use of language becoming a means of indicating social status and thus an instrument for social discrimination.Here it is the disciplinary nature of this development that should be emphasised.Wenn auch Sie nicht wissen, was der Unterschied zwischen den drei Wortarten ist oder Sie vielleicht Ihren Kindern diesen erklären wollen, reichen schon ein paar einfache Übungen aus, anhand derer man erkennt, was Nomen, Verben und Adjektive sind.Ein Satz im Deutschen besteht immer mindestens aus Nomen und Verb.I start from the hypothesis that it is not possible to assume an "older more diffuse state", as von Polenz (199) puts it, for the Early New High German period but rather a tolerance of variations which is characterised by a co-existence of various possibilities for inflection, indication and determination.

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