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Layering: Using various different scented products to build up layers of scent e.g.

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Heart: middle notes of the fragrance: this is the perfume's dominant scent.

Juice: This is the word used by the fragrance industry to describe the actual liquid perfume.

To get a free perfume sample delivered to your house, follow the tips below: If you happen to shop online at Sephora ( take advantage of the free packages that they're offering.

Depending on what you've purchased, Sephora will give you different types of free samples to choose from.

Fragrance Fragrance Family: The fragrance families are Floral, Oriental, Woody, Fresh; each perfume belongs to a fragrance family.

Fragrance Notes Fragrance Oil Fragrance Wheel Fresh Aquatic: Refreshing, invigorating scents with green aquatic notes Fruity: full of ripe, fresh edible fruit notes.

When a perfume maker launches a new scent, they usually concentrate a part of the page where their perfume is advertised with its scent.

In this way, you can rub your wrist on that part of the page and smell its scent.

Smelling perfume testers, meanwhile, doesn't give you enough time to let each scent set in because you usually attempt to smell as many as you can in a period of time.

In the end you get scent fatigue, a condition wherein you can't distinguish the different scents from each other anymore.

Eau de Toilette (EDT): EDT is the most wearable of all fragrance types and also the least expensive.

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