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diamond consolidating the third wave democracies v 1-77

Huntington has dubbed the "third wave" of democratization has seen more than 60 countries experience democratic transitions since 1974.

While these countries have succeeded in bringing down authoritarian regimes and replacing them with freely elected governments, few of them can as yet be considered stable democracies.

It brings together some of the world's foremost scholars of democratization, including Robert A. It contains essays by leading regional experts, including Yun-han Chu, P.

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The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century is a 1991 book by Samuel P.

Huntington which outlines the significance of a third wave of democratization to describe the global trend that has seen more than 60 countries throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa undergo some form of democratic transitions since Portugal's "Carnation Revolution" in 1974. Political parties in East Central Europe / Gábor Tóka. Civil-military relations in Southeast Asia / Harold Crouch. First, international efforts by states and activists helped politicise issues such as human rights and democratisation at the international level.Huntington believes that the beginning of the third wave corresponds to the Helsinki Final Act of 1975, which helped secure commitments for human rights and democratic governance from Eastern European countries.International structural factors during the 1970s were cited by Huntington as the causal sources for initiating the Third-Wave. membership has also functioned to inspire democratic changes in a number of former Soviet satellites, including Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

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