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We are also very pleased to welcome the Austrian conductor Gottfried Rabl among the patrons of the IFSM — his efforts on behalf of the symphonies of Egon Wellesz (five of the symphonies are now available on two CPO CDs, and all but No.5 have now been recorded) have been instrumental in re-establishing Wellesz's reputation as a major twentieth-century symphonic voice.

Once again, of course, I encourage you all to submit news, reviews, articles, etc., to the newsletter. by Michael Haas As reported in the previous IFSM e-newsletter, the 'Zaterdag Matinee' season in Amsterdam in 2004-5 features the largest retrospective of 'Entartete Musik' ever mounted by a single organisation, including no fewer than four operas (Schreker, Zemlinsky, Schulhoff, Wellesz) as well as numerous orchestral and chamber concerts.

The reviews section in this issue as last consists entirely of pieces written by Steve Schwartz and myself, and I for one would be delighted to find this dominance undermined! Full details on all events can be found at article below is Michael Haas' edited English version of the introduction to the season brochure.

Accordingly, the article on Szymon Laks intended for this issue has again been postponed so as not to hold up the rest.

We are delighted to welcome Jutta Raab-Hansen — author of NS-verfolgter Musiker in England: Spuren deutscher und österreichischer Flüchtlinge in der britischen Musikkultur (von Bockel Verlag, Hamburg, 1996) and now London-based — onto the committee of the IFSM; her knowledge and expertise will be of considerable help in our work.

What Vienna's Bishop was demonstrating was the effect of propaganda in action.

The words 'atonal', 'Jewish' and 'degenerate' had become so intertwined and interchangeable, that the logic of the resulting policies could never be questioned. For the Nazis, in fact, Slavs or Mediterraneans were other races: even the concept of 'race', as used in the early part of the century, is so far from our understanding of it today that we cannot fully comprehend its misuse.In an attempt to justify racial theories, backed up by pseudo-science, draconian measures were taken to stamp out not only the cultural contribution of a long-established European tradition, but the adherents of the European tradition itself: Judaism.In Ernst Krenek's memoires, Im Atem der Zeit, he recounts a conversation with a Viennese Bishop who was complaining of 'Jewish composers and their atonal artistic pollution'.We were delighted to find that Nimbus is very interested in exploring 'suppressed music', in its broadest sense, and our first experience in working with Nimbus, on Continental Britons, has proved extremely heartening: they have shown flexibility, open-mindedness and a concern for quality which encourages us to look forward to working with them in the future.As promised in the last issue, this IFSM e-newsletter has been prepared with the intention of getting news to its readers in a timely manner.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

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