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They looked at things, they read the scripts, they were involved and supportive, but ultimately always deferred to our judgment and helping us do the best job we could.

There’s certainly a practical business benefit to being famous.

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• Comfort Food & Trivia - Team up for Wednesday Night Trivia at Stoney's!

Of course, being a David Wain movie, Wet Hot is today considered a magnum opus by an ever-expanding number of fans who flock to midnight screenings and spout its eminently quotable lines.

Thanks to that scattered but devoted fan base — and a culture that’s suddenly Juicy-tracksuit-deep in early-aughts nostalgia — Netflix is now reviving Wet Hot, airing an eight-episode prequel to the original film that takes place on the first day at Camp Firewood.[laughs] We had to move faster than we did for the original movie.

According to a recent survey, men spend about 7 on a first date in DC, but why?

But you're likely not in the state to be concerned with such things right now, so in the short term, go for it!unless you’re one of those go-getters who doesn’t leave the office until 9pm most weeknights.Hopefully your date heeded #3 and eased into it a bit, but in this town, it's going to come up.singles find that it’s strangely difficult to hold down a catch.Some argue that the dating scene is simply ‘too fast’ and as one of the most transient cities in the country, it's no wonder that dating has become more casual in Washington.singles, plan a first date that reflects your own personality and your shared interests; whether it's a trendy cocktail bar, munching cupcakes in Gerogetown, sightseeing like a true tourist or getting cultural at the Smithsonian, this city has plenty of fun and interesting things to try together!

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