Discreet single parent dating

"Yes, I've been wanting to talk to you about that, George." She looked up to face her son again. I never do that," he lied, "And the one time I do, you walk in on me." George shook his head. Mostly he jacked-off to mental images of her that he had to invent based upon how she looked in some of her tighter clothing. Apparently, she is what he has heard described as "frigid." He has read about "female impotence" on some website that had an article on it he was reading for school.

Curious about his hunch, he went online and researched the subject.

She recalled him going on a few dates here and there, and there were a few times when she thought she caught him staring at her breasts like when she tried on a tight shirt last year for Christmas, but other than that, he gave the impression that he was all about his studies. "I guess you're old enough to deserve a full explanation." Diana sat down at the kitchen table. "Well, at least now you can find someone who is a better fit, right? In fact, I think I need to see a therapist or a doctor or someone to help me. Maybe I am not affectionate enough in general." Diana got up from the table and resumed folding and sorting laundry. I know this had a lot to do with my problems with relationships." After she spoke these words, something curious happened.

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"Here, this should take care of the balance that I owe you for your work." Diana handed him a check, shook the lawyer's hand firmly then walked down the corridor, away from the court's lobby area. She was accustomed to the attention she received from men and knew she was gifted with a beauty that few could surpass. She had the kind of looks that men would fight for, and that young men would remember at night when they were full of hormones and couldn't sleep.

Her lawyer watched her as she walked away in her tight-fitting business skirt with jacket. 'Professional, yet hot as hell.' He shook his head. Her features were noteworthy: five-foot eight inches, long, brown hair, light brown eyes, DD-cup breasts, hour glass figure, and an I. She'd been masturbation fodder for men young and old, for practically her whole life. A few of Diana's friends and two of her family members had been through a divorce.

Diana noted the tall, buxom brunette on the screen.

She looked back at her son, then at his fully aroused penis in his hand. There seemed to be a clear liquid dripping out of his tip, semen coating his shirt in two, thick lines. After her shower, Diana dried her lithe, toned body and smoothed lotion into her soft skin.

Internet and other varieties of porn were rare indulgences.

His mother had a keen knack for computers and anything related to digital technology.

But all of this faded in her mind as she walked back to her car. In most cases that she was familiar with, infidelity was the reason for the permanent split. For her entire life, Diana had no sexual appetite to speak of.

When she reached it and got inside, the dam burst and she couldn't help but cry. This was just always how she was; asexual in a way, despite her physical attractiveness.

She was smiling wickedly, a smile similar to his mom's, and she was licking a thick dollop of whipped cream from her finger.

'I'll give you some cream,' George thought, gripping his massive erection.

She often did not enjoy the clunky, biological, violent act of sex and had difficulty achieving orgasm from intercourse. All of this obviously created intimacy issues within her marriages. He was her pride and joy, and her spitting image in a male. Diana smiled at the thought of the strapping young eighteen-year-old; captain of the lacrosse team, member of his school's high-honor roll, overall nice guy, George was everything Diana could ever want in a son.

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