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For those who didn’t back that campaign, and for those who want in on special tiers, this is your chance to grab a unique “slice of life” game.

Ellen will discuss using Vedic Astrology for mate selection.

Question: What do you mean when you use the word Diva?

The course creator is Ellen Mahloy, Founder of Reiki with Angels Ellen's ideal soulmate Jeff swept her off her feet in 2009.

Her husband Jeff is a male panelist supporting this workshop.

Answer: Diva is defined as a highly distinguished female singer, prima donna or a goddess.

We are using it in the divine feminine sense of the word.

Bottom line is, if your approach works for you, then you don't need this service.

The Divine Dating Diva strategy is to help people who are not getting the results they desire and want to try something different.

In miraclr you play as a human recruited to assist the archangels of heaven with the creation and implementation of the first true miracle in over 400 years.

Because you can't visit them in their office, you are given access to miraclr, an app used by the Archangels for intra-office messaging.

Ellen and Jeff co-organize the Richmond Metaphysical Singles Group and share a life filled with love, laughter, friends and fun.

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