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Some developers, like Archimage, take games seriously.

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The environment was made to look like a collage ripped out of paper.

And perhaps most unique of all, this ground-breaking game began as a class project, now published on Steam.

Jounce is a game with a simple premise: bounce falling balls to reach the goal.

Its generative music and puzzle-like gameplay, though, make it stand out in a crowd(ed App Store).

Originally focusing solely on serious musical applications, this new spin-off studio of D'Accord Music Software is enjoying the success of their first musical game release on the i Phone.

You may have already played the game that has become a hit on the PC, Mac, and XBLA.One thing I love about this company is the fact that we are a global organization. Number one get the developer interview section back up and running!And show off of some developers from the international community.Lots of game developers talk about rapid prototyping, but Cascadia Games took it to the next level with i Phone game development.Read how Cascadia saw an opportunity to create a lot of "mini" board games in a short amount of time and what they learned from the experience.You may have even been one of the first people to buy it on the i Phone (thank you)!

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