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located in bhopal, habibganj will be the first station to be built under a public-private partnership.

the two words with asterisks mean that these are taken as they are.

we get: 1 cbg [c]ambridge railway station 2 eep p[a]mplona railway station 3 osd ös[t]ersund railway station 4 man man[c]hester airport railway station 5 cgn bahn[h]of köln/bonn flughafen 6 adb adnan [m]enderes airport rail station 7 trd trondh[e]im airport station, norway 8 vie vienna a[i]rpor...

written by ritu sharma | vadnagar | updated: october 8, 2017 am at the vadnagar railway station on saturday.

patna: armed maoists raided a railway station in jharkhand state late thursday night and set it on fire to protest certain policies of the state government.

the revamping of the station will cost nearly rs 100 crore..

by: express news service | chandigarh | published:august 28, 2017 am at chandigarh railway station on sunday.

according to the railway officials, in the ambala division out of the 300 trains, 53 trains couldn’t run due to operational chandigarh railway station the morning shatabdi train operated, while two more shatabdi trains didn’t operate.

one shatabdi train also departed from new delhi in the evening.

But before signing off for now, here are some pictures of the Qutab Minar and Red Fort areas of Delhi.

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