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For people looking to help someone else, the website will introduce you to DBT and how you can use the principles of DBT effectively to help the person you care for.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy was developed by Dr Marsha Linehan.

When she found that traditional behavioural treatments did not seem to work for certain clients she started incorporating eastern psychological theory and practices into her treatment.

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In Australia and around the world there are both comprehensive DBT programmes and programmes that have incorporated some of the principles of DBT into their treatment.

Similarly, there are clinicians who have extensive, formal training in DBT, and those who incorporate some ideas from DBT in their work.

Either way, the person has a higher degree of sensitivity to emotions, so that they are activated more easily, heightened in their response, and slower to come back down once activated.

It is important to note that it is not just the person reacting more intensely. It is that their experience is more intense for all events, both pleasant and unpleasant.

Over time, however, DBT has been shown to be effective for other groups, such as adolescents with complex, multiple problem behaviours, binge eating, substance abuse and gambling.

In general, DBT tends to be applied when the core problem seems to be emotion regulation.

However, when a person does not know how to take care of their sensitivity they may learn to dull the pain through escaping or avoiding emotions.

This can lead to extreme behaviours that have their own consequences, as well the by-product of maintaining the belief that the person cannot tolerate and cope with intense emotions.

It may sound easy but taking this view is very challenging at fist as it involves finding a whole new way of doing things.

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