Estella warren dating peter berg

Apparently Jaime and Estella were at a party together, when Estella told Jaime she liked her bag.

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She’s best known as the hot wide-eyed chick in the 2001 Planet of The Apes remake with Marky Mark.

She’s had some minor roles since but nothing of note.

The feisty My Name Is Earl star was at a birthday bash for her publicist Gary Mantoosh at a private house in Los Angeles when her assistant’s handbag containing her i Phone went missing.

Determined to discover where the bag – which also contained Pressly’s own keys – had gone, the blonde actress used modern technology to track it down, only to end up accusing Planet of the Apes beauty, Warren of taking it.

A couple of years ago, Estella got a DUI after ploughing into some parked cars.

Her story went beyond the standard celebrity DUI since got in a huge altercation with police, kicking a cop and escaping from custody before being caught again.

She was just trying to drive with a BAC over three times the legal limit.

So we have these two women converging in LA on Friday night.

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(L-R) Actor Eric Bana, actor/director Peter Berg and actress Estella Warren attend Universal Pictures private screening of the film 'Munich' held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on December 20, 2005 in Beverly Hills, California.

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