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So in Perl I opened a pipe that executes this command and have the script read from it, reading all the jpeg images and then displaying them in a Perl/Tk window as they come in.In effect: a live webcam stream, where Perl is entirely in control of the jpegs as they come in from ffmpeg and can do with them whatever it wants!Also be sure to mention your commenters by name - they'll be "thrilled", according to Facebook.

So, I started looking into using third-party programs such as ffmpeg and mplayer/mencoder to provide the hardware layer for me so that Perl can get just the jpeg images out and do with them what it needs.

Of these programs I wanted to use command in there, along with some hours of research and poking around, I eventually came up with a command that would activate the webcam and output a ton of jpeg images with consecutive file names, of each frame of video that the camera recorded: The mjpeg codec (or "motion jpeg"), in ffmpeg, really means it's a bunch of jpeg images all combined together one after the other (the start of each jpeg image can be seen in hex by looking for the magic number, instead, the output (all the jpeg images in the mjpeg stream) is sent through the program's standard output, so it can be piped into another program, or read from in Perl.

I added a button to my GUI for taking a snapshot and saving it to disk (in actuality, as each complete image is read and displayed, it's kept around in memory until the next image is read and displayed...

so this button just saves the last full image to disk).

Having a strong data or Wi Fi connection is also important, unless you want your video to drop out.

The aim of the game is to grow your number of followers - when people hit the 'Follow' button under your streams, they'll get a notification next time you go live, building up your views and engagement with each video.

We’re still testing it, but for now the service is very unstable and keeps going down.

It’s also clearly got a ways to go with features – videos are not archived for playback, for example, meaning once it’s broadcast live, that’s it.

Users can set up profiles for themselves and track how many people have watched them stream live, how many broadcasts they have made, and how long total they’ve been on the air.

When you’re in a streaming session with others, up to five other people can be shown on your screen at the same time, one of which is the main presenter and four others who are simply in the session.

Users create a channel, authorize their webcam and start broadcasting to the public.

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