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It is composed of 4 seasons of six episodes each: the first aired in 2006, the second in 2009 and third in 2012.

Tonio and Santi, the Ersilia and deceased Pasquale's sons, will become the two protagonists of this history and will make their way, in their own way, to achieve their goals.

Tonio is a smart and impetuous guy, and an unrepentant womanizer, but in an attempt to unmask the traitors of his family and to take revenge, his life takes a turn for the worse, that will take him to the top of the Cosa Nostra's underworld (when the most important figures are don Rosario and don Calogero).

Between Carmela and Tonio there begins to be affection, because she hides in her house to escape the violent brother, who will fall in love with Assunta Rocca, who is disagrees never with her mother, tha hate Rodolfo.

After she will be strangled by Rodolfo, that wanted to use Dario to blackmail Rosangela Rocca, but the same Dario will die of overdose.

The season ends with Santi who believe Tonio dead, so he takes his daughter Antonia safe and sound at home.

Meanwhile, Olga, hearing the news of the death of Tonio, almost feels relieved: she is happy, rich, and still waiting for a child, which in Tonio had kept hidden.In fact, the woman died in a car accident with her new boyfriend, who wanted to leave for the sake of Tonio: Only Nicolas, their only son, is saved from the tragedy.Convinced by Santi, who is still disappointed by Tonio for deceiving him (in fact, instead of going to process, he had gone to Switzerland with Olga).Even before the airing of the said season, Mediaset renewed the series for a fifth season.The first season was directed by Salvatore Samperi, the second by the same Samperi (who died before the broadcast) and Luigi Parisi, the third and fourth season by the latter and Alessio Inturri.Santi instead is the opposite of his brother: he's a shy and introverted boy.

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