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Seeing Bloo about sleep on the floor, Wilt lets him take his bunk in exchange for sleeping on the floor and they all fall asleep for the night.

The next day, a wealthy rich couple stops by Foster's to find a friend for their spoiled daughter. Herriman is getting ready to do the paperwork for the adoption, though, their daughter catches sight of Bloo and starts chasing him.

Soon after, Mac's older brother Terrence and an evil imaginary friend named Duchess make a plan to try to get rid of Bloo.

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Kazoo (or "Bloo" for short) often get into fights with his 13-year-old brother Terrence.

When Mac's mother tires of this behavior, she tells him that he has outgrown his age to have an imaginary friend and must get rid of him.

The millionaires leave empty-handed, while Duchess becomes even angrier at not being able to leave Foster's, which she refers to as a dump, due to Bloo's interference.

Terrence, meanwhile, has been watching from behind the bushes across the street and realizes that Mac has not gotten rid of Bloo.

They only want the best for her, and Frankie sees a perfect chance to get Duchess out of the house for good. Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo race all over the house to keep Bloo out of reach, but the married couple's daughter finally snatches him away and shows him to her parents.

They agree, but only Mac's last-minute arrival saves him.Terrence then pays a visit of his own, dressed to make a good impression.Duchess creates a diversion by provoking one of the Extremeasauruses (dangerous monster friends created by teenagers), leaving Bloo alone with Terrence.The episode debuted to positive reviews and high ratings.Eight-year-old Mac and his imaginary friend Blooregard Q.That evening, Terrence takes Bloo to a junkyard and meets Duchess, who plans to feed Bloo to an Extremeasaurus she freed earlier as revenge for foiling her chance of being adopted.

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