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Erakat was brought up in a religious Muslim family, though himself has repeatedly struggled with his religious identity.

She has also collaborated with You Tubers such as Markiplier, Shane Dawson, Colleen Ballinger, The Gabbie Show, Liza Koshy and Anthony Padilla.

Born in Scarborough, Canada, but later moving to Toronto, Lilly lived with her parents until December 2015, when she moved to Los Angeles.

She went through a stage of depression, but got herself back together, and decided to make other people happy.

She vlogs and makes comedy sketch videos about various topics, from shopping at the mall to superstitions to being single.

Erakat enjoyed the turnout and showcased it on both his daily vlog channel as well as his main channel fousey TUBE.

Erakat embarked on a five-day tour with friend and You Tube star Roman Atwood called the "Roman vs Fousey Tour" on February 24, 2016.Erakat was invited by Quest Nutrition to unveil their newest protein bar flavor by allowing him to prank other popular You Tube personalities, namely by pieing them in the face. On October 3, 2015, Erakat showcased his BMW 435i with a full transformation.Inspired by his Nike shoe composed of his favorite colors, he took his car to West Coast Customs in hopes of drastically changing his car to represent not only his favorite colors, but his You Tube audience as well, of which he calls the "bruh bruhs".Lilly took the role of an air hostess and led a dance troupe throughout the show.The second was How To Be A Bawse, following her bestselling book, How To Be A Bawse.She answers most of the questions and sometimes has guests such as Humble the Poet, Inkquisitive, and Hannah Hart.

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