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That all changed when I had the chance to join TOMS on a Giving Trip to the Dominican Republic.Over the course of the week and with the help of a driver who could race Formula One, we zig-zagged throughout the Frogger-esque streets of Santo Domingo.Please bring back the chat bar, remember 3 quarters of the people who played it with the chat bar liked or loved the chat bar. That’s what made this app fun and unique now it’s so boring!

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Instead, if you give goods as a reward for going to school and receiving medical checkups, then this helps break the poverty cycle. On my flight home to JFK, I thought of Dominique and the soccer team that giggled at my attempt to join them on the field.

As I drifted off into sleep, I stopped myself short when I began to complain about the cramped coach seat and thought of the bed they would sleep in at night.

And in my broken American Spanglish, he understood me. Dominique wore an orange t-shirt and a set of jersey cotton black pants, and had one of those priceless smiles that makes anyone smile right back. With a loud clap of a high-five, Dominique left with his new shoes to receive a pair of pants, a shirt, a couple pairs of underwear and some behind the one-for-one business model that Blake Mycoskie started just under a decade ago.

I stood up, my shirt sticking to my chest from sweat, and thought of my students in New York who had their first snowfall that morning.

 We met the boys in their neighborhood just a few hours later.

They stood in the same clean-pressed school uniform in a house a quarter the size of my classroom -- their bed a twin-sized mattress shared by three children.

Later that day, I posed for a picture with two young boys who held up a notebook with a sticker that read in Spanish "We Have a Right to Education." Growing up in The United States, this is not something I was used to seeing.

Usually, school bathroom stalls have something scratched into the walls.

The walls -- made of tarp and sheet metal -- stood balancing on the same kind of cinder blocks college students use to prop up their dorm room beds.

The boys asked that we join them in a game of soccer, so a few of the TOMS crew and I joined in.

As their teacher, I wished they were here with me and could experience this.

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