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It is more fun playing with a sock puppet than chatting with fakes and scammers. may you rot in h*ll eternally for wasting my evenings.

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"The fact that this guy was able to do this for over a decade is mind-blowing," he said.

Through his work, Wardle was able to identify thousands of victims of the malware.

And we have Apple continually pushing out this marketing propaganda that Macs are so incredibly secure.

But the side effect of that is that Mac users become naive or over-confident.""That's not necessarily Apple's fault but [the company] should take some responsibility," he said. Wardle later presented his first public analysis of Fruitfly at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas in July.

90% of the users you meet on HUD are outsourced employees of Topmeet, ultimately that is their goal when chatting with you.

So don’t get too excited, it’s not built for anything as the name implies, “hook-ups” or “dating”.He registered the domain names that the malware's code pointed to as a backup, in case the primary command servers ever went down, and started to see his screen fill up with victim computers ensnared by the malware."Once the malware would connect to my server, I would just log that and close the connection -- so now I had all the IP addresses and names of the victims," he said.He thought it was a cyber-espionage campaign in progress but the malware seemed to target everyday people.Hopefully your refugees can find safe passage to Antarctica. already met someone off it, also love the design, slick and intuitive to use, sick of tinder had to swipe each every profile, with this one you can go through a dozen at the same time, saves so much time, highly recommend it!Online dating (or Internet dating) is a system that enables strangers to find and introduce themselves to new personal connections over the Internet, usually with the goal of developing personal, romantic, or sexual relationships.The FBI is said to have already opened an investigation into the malware, but the motives of the malware's author weren't immediately clear.

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