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That attitude is specifically that we go through a big, long list of all the games we’re looking forward to playing in 2018 and talk about those games. Find our new Premium episode on the best video game music of all time …Whatever else may be said about 2017, it’s been an amazing year for games. Go to and use the code “filthycasuals” for 10% off! This week the boys talk through the substantial amount of news and announcements from The Game Awards and the week at large, including Death Stranding, Bayonetta, a spirtual sequel to Firewatch, Soulcalibur and much more. This week the Xenoboys have been playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and also find time to cover news of server shutdowns, the significance of the letter J coming before RPG, a particularly fast rodent named Gonzales, and plenty more. Check out the Filthy Casuals Mic Test – https://youtu.be/i ZJHtws Em-A If you’d…

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Arriving here, they spoke no English and their mothers-in-law treated them like slaves. Their men took the white girls as they took their wives.

The women would not discuss the intimate parts of their lives at first, resorting instead to vague words and platitudes: ‘Muslim women must give husband,’ said one of them. And from all the evidence, it is clear the men in question still blame the victims and feel no remorse. Yet, painful as it is to say, it became clear, too, that the men are not alone in blaming the victims. I am now alone, no money, no life.’It is wrong to suggest all Asian men are sexual predators.

‘He want, she don’t like but must give.’But bit by bit, they opened up, describing a world of loveless sex on demand, of domestic violence, routine debasement. I asked the women how they would feel if their children had been drugged and raped. But, Mariam said: ‘It can’t happen to our children because they are not in the streets. The Muslim men I know love and take care of their wives and are deeply shaken by the convictions.

We look after them.’Only Nusrat and Nila were prepared to condemn the abuse without reservation. Muslim activists fear talking about the abusers encourages racism. But the grooming gangs are responsible for much greater racial hostility.

It belongs to an acquaintance who I will call Mrs Soni, a retired Asian school teacher.

She is shaking with nerves and I, too, am feverishly anxious as we wait, repeatedly peeping out through heavy red curtains. I am meeting the wives of three men convicted of a terrible crime – of grooming and raping dozens of white girls.

This episode is brought to you by and Shipstation.com!

The boys are back in town (Melbourne) and back in the studio (old box under a bridge) for their first podcast recording of 2018!

They talk about all of the games they caught up on over the break including Tiny Metal, Doki Doki Literature Club,…

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