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That's it.'If the Queen were to walk out on her balcony and strip off her top, nothing over there would change. He looks like a friendly neighbor you would borrow a lawn mower from.

Colbert said: 'He held a press conference today in what I believe was the seventh circle of Hell.'Kimmel then makes a bold suggestion and that's to remove Trump as President and instead make him the first King of America - a figurehead that is far away from political power. 'She lives in a palace – everyone makes a big deal when she shows up – she has no power at all.

In the morning, they put a crown on her head and she stands there and waves, she goes back to bed.

'Even though many criticized how long it took, the president knew the right thing to do was make a statement on Monday, be clear about who was to blame and then move on to the people's business,' Colbert stated. He held a press conference today in what I believe was the seventh circle of Hell.'The 53-year-old host then mocked Trump for saying that he likes to 'wait for the facts' before speaking, and pointed out numerous claims Trump has said since entering the White House about 'illegal voters' and his inauguration crowd size.

During Trump's controversial press conference, he also slammed the 'fake' media and said: 'If the press were not fake and were honest, the press would have said what I said was very nice.' In response, Colbert quipped: 'And if you were a better president, you would have said something very nice.'In regards to Trump blaming both sides for the violence in Charlottesville, Colbert fired back and said: 'The only thing I'm doubting right now, is if you're still going to be president by Friday.'During Tuesday night's Late Night show on NBC, host Seth Meyers analyzed Trump's comments in his 'Breaking Crazy' segment.

But what should you do if you eat a well-balanced dinner at a reasonable hour and you are still hungry before bedtime? For example: a piece of fruit or cup of berries, three cups of air-popped popcorn, a sugar-free Popsicle, a single serving of low-fat pudding, a glass of nonfat milk, raw veggies, or a six-ounce container of nonfat fruit-flavored yogurt.

First off I usually recommend trying to figure out if you are really hungry. One of the main reasons to eat earlier in my opinion is because you will sleep better.'Hours after a terror attack in London, he starts a fight with their mayor.After criticizing Obama for playing golf, he plays golf every weekend.Going to bed on a full stomach for many people is a detriment and interferes with their beauty rest.And unfortunately if you don’t sleep well, there is an increased chance that in the morning when you are exhausted you will make poor breakfast decisions.Kimmel and his producers axed the opening skits for ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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