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'I've had a lot of physically good times,' she said.

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You've got to switch off your feelings.' 'You lose that connection because you've had so much sex that it kind of means nothing, and that's really hard to get back.' 'That's what good sex is all about and that's why we created this to help people.

It's all about that mental connection and understanding your partner.' And Gwyneth believes that communication is essential to reestablishing that connection.

Your opinion of him means the world to him.'THE CONQUEROR'The Conqueror is confident, charming and charismatic.

He definitely knows how to woo a woman.'THE NON-CONFORMIST'The Non-Conformist is the ultimate in freedom.

The loyal wimpy kid, who doesn't want to be dominated, and the pleaser who is the 'ultimate equal soulmate'.

The conqueror definitely knows how to 'woo a woman' while the non-conformist will crave some kink. ' 'If I know what motivates you to cheat, it only stands to reason that I can use that information to discourage you from cheating.' The motivations vary depending on the man, but in her own experience Gwyneth was surprised to find that most men really just want to feel .

About 99.9 per cent of my clients wanted to have intimacy.

It wasn't just about sex.' Gwyneth realised that her pleasure translated into affirmation for men.'It comes back to validation of their virility,' she said.

If you're just down to a swipe, that annihilates all that good old-fashioned talking and flirting.' 'So I will never do that ever, I'm not reducing myself to an app and a swipe.' As for now, Gwyneth is focusing on as many women as she can and revealed that more than 50,000 have already taken her test.

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