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Although “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” may have suffered its share of slings and arrows for having a title character who resembled a TV-ized version of Ferris Bueller, it was a show that stood out from the other sitcoms of its era. BE: Well, it’s a pleasure to talk to you, and it’s a pleasure to finally have “Parker Lewis” on DVD. Did you yourself have a hand in getting it out there? I mean, y’know, indirectly in terms of just being highly supportive of Shout Factory’s plight, which took them close to three years to get Sony to license the rights to them.

It skipped the studio audience, it was single-camera when single-camera sitcoms weren’t cool, and it unabashedly existed in a universe of its own, full of surreal circumstances and wacky sound effects. I give them all the credit in the world for not stopping, and I think that it should go over very well for them, especially internationally.

A party chasing chick pounds on a restaurant door after closing.

Did they come to you and pitch the idea, or did you get an audition? "They developed 'Parker Lewis' before 'Ferris Bueller’s Day Off' ever even came out as a movie. Bob Tischler wrote that, Tommy Schlamme directed it, and I starred as this really weird, quirky kid who had an insane family life. It was Peter Michael Goetz, Barbara Barrie, Fran Drescher, and obviously Eddie Murphy played some different characters throughout it.

They were already on that, and I think that 'Ferris Buller' coming out as a movie may have helped them push it through on a network level, but they were already on the ball in terms of creating that show." CN: Actually, I had done a TV special about a year or two before “Parker Lewis” was casting. I just played this weird, quirky dude who couldn’t stand his family and would escape into the TV and would break the fourth wall and talk to the audience and all of that.

At the beginning of the film the two have just began working in a store that repairs electronic goods and the manager is impressed by Durell... A hapless delivery man learns why sometimes too much of a bad thing can be detrimental to your personal well being after getting caught up with an older woman who sends his life spinning out of control.

Starring Lil Romeo, Clifton Powell, and Katt Williams and directed by Master P, this feature follows a lovelorn man who advertises himself as a seven-foot-tall L. Trey (Jackie Long) may be working hard, though he just can't seem to catch a break. The hardest group you've never heard of is back.

Louise brings along her adopted daughter, who professes her love for Marcus's son.

The news forces Marcus to share his own long-buried secret in this f...

Jackson / She Rock Obama / Shelly Duncan / Shondra / Ta'Rhonda Jones / Terrilynn / Thanksgiving Guest / The Christmas Candle Giver / The Wiz / Veronica Davis [on Simone Biles] I always keep up with gymnastics because I love the Olympics. Not the best black gymnast, not the best black girl gymnast.

But what struck me when I first saw Simone in Rio was how perfect she was at everything.

The film opens in a garage with an unconscious young woman having her head wrapped in duct tape and her legs chained to the back of two cars.

A man and a woman walk to their cars on their way to work.

As the couple start their cars they exit the driveway. Did you ever think you knew someone, only to find out everything you believed was dead wrong? Fox (Kill Bill), Clifton Powell (Norbit), Tamika Scott (Meet the Browns), Angell Conwell (Soul Plane) and R&B singer Sam Salter star in this compelling musical comedy/drama about a naive young ...

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