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I have sort of had the same problem and have known my crush for a while now.

BE YOURSELFI have a crush on this one girl at school she is only 3 hours younger than me. What should i do she is very confusing put that in mind.

(I use large words See, I act like me, Not like anybody else.

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In this Instructable, you, yes you, will learn the secrets of landing yourself a true girlfreind.

This is not a guide only for geeks, but for every guy that can say "Im single" Follow these simple steps, and the REAL ladies will flock to you.

As you can see below, the photos of myself show that I truly am a geek. Before you can hope to get involved with and understand a girl, you must understand yourself.

nothing like 2inch foam darts flying at highspeeds. So how does a total nerd get a totally attractive female life partner?

"look at me.....i look good in a tux." now while its not bad to look dang sexy in a tux, let the girls compliment you.

Most girls deserve a guy that will think more highly of her than they do of themselves, a guy that puts her first. I need help with the asking her out part, i have no gut to walk up to a girl and ask her out. I'm in a bit of a tuff spot you see I've known this girl for 4 years and we've been freinds for 4 years so as you can imagine this girl means a lot to me so I will never give up on her so I told her that I like her a bit ago and she said that she likes me back but now I don't know what to do should I ask her out or should I wait Nice guide! I work on construction sites during the day and for my entertainment goods I buy at the comic book store. I love talking about them, action, horror, comedy, etc. I mean I don't look like Jabba the Hutt or anything but I am not good looking at all. It's called and until it's all ready, I'll be happy to help any guys with advice from a pro for free. I have asked out like 12 girls in my whole life (i'm 14) and they all said no, no joke! I guess girls just care if you have a six pack abs these days. so, do you feel like you know yourself pretty well? Just let everybody know who you are and what you do and don't do. So where should I hang out to find these geek friendly girls? What if you are also ugly, a geek, and (according to some people at least) annoying? I wouldn't ask to "date" or ask to be their boyfriend or whatever.

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