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For example in ' Rory's Dance', Dean and Rory had the song, where they were rambling around Stars Hallows in the snow, sipping coffee, with a song in the background that goes something like this '.you let me walk you home from let me..' and so on.

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I don't even remember what the official title was. In my country is broadcasting the season three and I'd like to know what will happen. Then select from under Modify Profile: forum profile information.

Does that still exist now and have I missed it, or has it disappeared? So far I've only been on phpbb boards and there you can always see the icon in front of every thread change color or appearance whenever a new post is made, but here I can only see that when I look at the time the last post has been made, which I find rather confusing. I've never seen this behind a thread title even if there was a new post... I'm sorry for my inglish, kisses XXXXXXX, Alexandra, Catalonia (Spain) 8)This might sound a little blond, but well I'm so I'm gotta post it anyways... Hey so in episode 215, the one where luke jess look for apts (the classic we'll hold hands and skip afterwards line) and where rory freaks out about her missing bracelet, what happened in the end? because the scene just ends where luke says yeah it would be great if the two get together, and lorelai replies hesitantly, yeah.. and the next thing u know luke just storms in and smashes a wall lol. That is where you can upload a picture or tell it where to find a picture. I will be honest I didn't look to see if anyone has asked this question yet. :-[Well, I don't know about other threads, but that question hasn't been asked in this thread yet. I have fallen asleep a couple of times during the early episodes in this season.

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So here's my question: Is there any other way to see that a new post has been made while you are actually on the forum - so basically other than just getting an email whenever that happens because I don't check my mail every two minutes. I only see it behind some of the thread titles, but it doesn't seem to show up for me behind the threads I posted in. *edit* Nevermind, I just went back to the General Discussion section and now the little blue sign shows up behind threads. In your member profile you have the option to ad which Languages you speak: but where can you add that. There is discussion about it in some community service threads, I think. Sorry but I am a little lazy at the moment and I have been in front of the computer for too long. But whatever happened after Lorelai and Jason broke up. Did they ever mention that again and what happened with that? As far as I can remember, nothing more was really said about the lawsuit after Lorelai and Jason broke up. :-\Well rorygfan, if you missed what happened to Dean, then I did, too.

I think there may have been a passing reference to it, but that was pretty much it. Then all of a sudden, we don't see him anymore and no explanation is's all very supernatural. You're right-they never resolved his storyline. I'm sure that has to do with Jared Padalecki getting his own show (loved your little play on Supernatural btw), but still, at least give us some sort of passing reference to fill in the gaps!

Does that still exist now and have I missed it, or has it disappeared?

On the old forum, there was a thread where people posted screencaps with song lyrics that matched them.

The "experienced" posters - though we all have a lot to learn, ever since the giant hacking hiatus - will try and answer your questions, or (one of) the moderator(s) will do so. Good question, because it reminded me that Avatar / Signature Request & Help Thread ( With Rory's past 'gentleman callers' there's been always been a SONG.

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