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Pietenpol, Fairchild, Corben, Great Lakes, Parrakeet, Hatz, Interstate, Rearwin, Travel Air and Culver. His large R/C kits are truly spectacular I can't wait for the smaller stuff to come. It is for those who want to UNDERSTAND electric -powered flight.

Researching model plans and particular subjects is . If you have a special interest in any of the following plane types, they have a club and newsletter for it! Palos Verdes, CA 90274 John Targos makes an excellent replica of the Elfin 2.49 diesel probably more reliable than the original also caries parts for ignition engines and other flying accessories for old timer and nostalgia modellers. Soon to come will be all of his goodies in smaller scales including 1/12 scale kits for F/F electric, laser cut no less. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 821-6242 Bob Boucher's new book, 'Electric Motor Handbook', is not for everyone. Box 665 Destin, FL 32540 (800) 999-0141 Publishers of the fantastic Paul Matt books of scale drawings (2 vols. Also many other neat books including the famous EAA Flying and Glider Manuals, Hannan's Peanut Power, and lots of Waco stuff. BW c/o Charles Gokey 2307 Burrell Drive Louiseville, KY 40216 They have a bi-monthly newsletter with "did you know" and helpful hints as well as ads for buyers and sellers.

He has several new scale rubber-powered ducted fan designs. New and Surplus rocket motors; interesting electronics; parachutes of all sorts; graphite; and other equipment for amateur rocketeers. Subscriptions can be handled through Reed Business Publishing, Ltd., 205 E.42nd. Two volumes at 12 bucks each or both for 22, Postage paid, and no box top needed. It is extensive and intensive, and should answer most any question a modeller in this branch of the hobby should have. Bill also has an update available for those who have purchased an earlier edition.

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If you have ever spent hours earching for that plan you know you have but can't find, this is well worth it! BW back issues and other aeromodelling titles David Lloyd-Jones 28 Shelley Ave Wincham, Northwich Cheshire, CW9 6PH, United Kingdom Tel: ( )44 (0)15.40 Rare and early UK, US and other English language aeromodelling magazines and books from as far back as 1929 can be obtained by sending a wants list to David. Hints, tips and humor take up much of this monthly 10-page newsletter still only $8/yr.

Mark's index is more complete than the one offered by MB, as theirs is only for ones they sell. Please note - he only buys and sell FLYING model magazines and books - nothing else! Not a huge number of plans in every issue, but well worth the $if you're in their area.

CG 17244 Darwin Ave., Hesperia, CA 760-948-6334 and Cheryl carry GOOD colored nitrate that COVERS even in white! Diesel and glow fuels, silk, electrics, C02's, lots of old-time rubber and gas kits, engines, books, and plans, lots of plans. They also run R/N, Cal Aero, Fresno, Champion, Old Timer Model Supply, Schleuter & too many others to list. Box 5124 Hamden, CT 06518 Mark Fineman has compiled and sells a complete index of Model Builder plans with descriptions from 1971 through 1991. If you'd like to sell any, state age, condition and price. ) from 1971 to present available on disc for IBM-type and MAC computers.

This is a PRIME SOURCE of stuff for the F/F Modeler! Mark still has a few printed versions left at $4.75 and indices for IBM computers on a disc at 9.95. Ask for his brochure on aviation clip art and neopaint for computers (especially good if you're a newsletter editor). Palm Bay, FL 32907 The AMOB Bulletin is edited by the legendary Dave Platt, one of the few modellers who can make a great scale R/C and also a knockout rubber scale ship as well!

Los Angeles, CA 90011 Quarterly Newsletter of the famous Blacksheep Exhibition Squadron features ALL types of model activity, and never omits F/F. We will offer Campbell's line of full kits, short kits and plans, including Hand Launch Gliders, Catapult Launch Gliders, Tow Line Gliders, indoor and outdoor Rubber Power models and Competition Gas models (many of which are suitable for electric conversion). Simi Valley, CA 93065 Litespan and Airspan distributors for the U. They are for serious modellers and builders of full-size planes, who often have utilized his work. They are famous for having the same plan available in several different sizes. Friestad also has a project he is calling THE DIGITAL LIBRARY in which he is making high quality scans of complete issues of model magazines and out of print books and documents, mostly related to model aviation at this time.

They run the biggest F/F meet in the world (as far as #. His cross-referenced bibliography weighs 4 1/2 lbs. It is not for sale, and he is not in business, but if you are looking for something in the way of a model book, or have books you might want to sell or trade I suggest you drop him a note. things change quickly in competition where he excels. Retro com (not to be confused with Cambell's Model Supply) Lee Campbell was well known for stocking many interesting HLG, FF and Old Timer kits. While all designs will be converted to fully laser-cut kits as stock of each is exhausted, we will be keeping Lees legacy alive by continuing to sell them under the Campbell's Custom Kits name. Give Jerry Simon a call he might have just what you need. The Wolf/Benjamin, Gee-Bee R-2 and the Eicher/Kimball Model 'Z' were built largely from Vern's plans! Box 55962 Indianapolis, IN 46205-0962 Cleveland kits were the standard of the industry since 1919, and their plans are still some of the best available anywhere. Troy, MI 48098 Monthly N/L printed on large sheets which allows folding while retaining peanut plans intact (8-12 pages). Worth getting- there is lots of talent in this group! The plans are available in both printed and digital formats. Pittsburgh, PA 15236 (412) 653-0178 Harry makes a neat little glue gun for small and fragile models based on a small plastic bottle with a nozzle kept free of glue by a built-in wire unplugger. Now producing wood and materials for the indoor modeller lots of good stuff, see his site at links to sales. The illustrated plan and kit catalog is (212 plans and 32 kits). BW Svermona 1371 26601 Beroun -2 Czechoslovakia Radek's plans, according to John Fredriksen, are "incredible." With 495mm to 621mm spans, his five models are for rubber and Modela CO2. He also publishes a book entitled Building with Kids with over 20 projects for clubs or youth groups. I have made a few initial edits of entries that I know to be out of date, and am also making an effort to make the guide a little more web-friendly. Back issues are ea., (issues V-15-V-34) or (V-35-V-37) but Byron will send you a sample if you send him a check for to cover shipping. including the New Ruler, Buzzard Bombshell, Goldberg Interceptor, Kerswap! Anson's quarterly journals feature old & well-known types as well as many really rare aircraft. His selections now include the P-51, Hellcat, and Peashooter. Many of the old-time model plans have been re-done with rib and former outlines and both wings, a nice feature for many which were originally done with only one. It will remain available free as a download at this web site. Sending a large SASE, and if it is abroad, two International Reply Coupons that are available at the P. , Brooklyn Dodger, Miss America, Wedgy, and Rocketeer A. "Super plan collections" says Earl Van Gorder in Flying Models. They are accompanied by booklets which give new techniques for making printwood, covering, and include patterns for photocopying surface detail. Trumbull, CT 06611 Dave Stott has entered the cottage arena with a nifty planbook featuring plans that Comet should have put out kits for. The Cottage Wings Guide was originally compiled for Free Flight scale modelers by Bill Warner. For a number of years, updates and additions were done by the late Carlo Godel who brought this list to the Internet. It is not connected in any way with the AMA, and the endorsements, where they occur, are the result of Bill Warner's and Carlo's own personal experience or as noted. currency to Europe, because the cost of processing International Money Orders is high. I suggest a phone call to anyone you have not previously done business with as the best way to clarify present prices and method of payment. Long Beach, CA 90808 The American Aviation Historical Society puts out quarterly journals that, for the past 40 years, have been of high quality.

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