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For example, I met up with a guy whose profile picture wasn't exactly my type, but hey, he liked comedy and had an adorable profile and picked a dope restaurant. Another was a surfer in Hermosa Beach who on the surface lacked ambition but that Modern Art Museum membership he had was good enough for me to check him out while we both checked out the new collection. Or perhaps you love '80s music—this guy used to be an exec at Capitol Records!

If you are fed up with modern dating to the point of insanity then you are exactly where I was when this method was born.

A caveat: This guide was written from the perspective of men who date men and the dating tropes and behaviors that go along with it (though some of the Guide's insights will hopefully be helpful for straight and/or lesbian singles, as well).

Still, at work tomorrow, you will dress up to see your PINER, all while keeping yourself open for that WILDCARD—the one you met at your friend's BBQ last weekend. “How can you get to know each other if you're only getting together once every two weeks?

" You keep the momentum with emails, texts and the normal cute random memes or emojis.

I could be one of those guys that goes to galleries. It's about following my heart, my interests and my passions.

Rather than guess what someone else was looking for and try to be that, I needed to have faith that who I am and want in life is awesome and worth it and that trusting my gut will lead me to the kind of guy I deserve.

The 5 guy dating method asks you to separate those feelings into categories, preventing you from putting all of your hopes and dreams into one unsuspecting dude.

Instead you will find that all of your needs are met as you learn how to share your life with someone—not ask them to complete it.

Here's how it works: Step 1: Write out two lists—the partner wish list and a list of things you like to do.

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