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These people usually die very young because our bodies genetic code was not made to cope with such an extreme.

Another example we have is in dog breeds, generally speaking, the larger the dog, the shorter its life.

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Recent radiocarbon analysis dates it to around 321 BC.

This puts it in the realm of the Adena civilization who were present in the area at this time.

The Ica stones in Peru have drawings of humans living alongside the dinosaurs.

The only real question is how old are these skeletons?

Figure 4: Serpent Mound survey by Squire and Davis.

The Great Serpent Mound is a 1,370ft long prehistoric effigy mound located near Peebles that has been thoroughly researched by Ross Hamilton, who has written extensively about its mysteries and the giants discovered in the area.

Rationality and science make sure people believe things for which there is evidence.

Just because some bum wrote stories down 300 years after the "so called stories* took place is no evidence.

it seem really convenient for a hoaxer but the reality, bone crumbles often after unearthing them ?

Anthropolgy lists 4 proto-humans - Gigantopithicus, Cro-Magnon, Pygmy, and Neanderthal.

Dragoo joins many other university-trained anthropologists and archaeologists who reported discovering skeletons over seven feet in length in burial mounds, often with anatomical anomalies.

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