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Plus, who wouldn't have a crush on this cutie as he strides down the hallways like a football champ?Rookies Red Velvet's Joy, G-Friend, and SONAMOO's Euijin would make perfect cheerleaders.With her goddess looks, heavenly smile, and angelic personality, Suzy has become the entertainment industry's favorite.

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Hayoung and sehun dating websites

Meanwhile, the Boyfriend members are cute as a trio of flowerboys who would definitely find success should they ever start a high school host club.

CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Juniel are both masters of the guitar.

Fawns (Luhan & Yoona) Fawns in Chinese is so popular~ We all call this couple shuang Lu~ The reason why we like them is they are both very clear beautiful and their eyes are so shining~We can also see their interactive in SMT haha~ What's more, Lu did watch Yoon A's Love Rain when he is on the plane~By the way, sb said Lu Han's ideal type is Yoon A~. I meant why would we ever waste our time to staring (so many time) at someone, so unnecessary isn't it?! Laugh out loud Thousands of fans in SEOHAN or ACEBABIES fanpage!

simply beautiful I don't like Yoona being paired up with any idols, but when I see luhan 'Oh my holy! 'and since that day, I declared my self as a FAWN Fighting FAWNS Ace Baby (Seohyun & Luhan) I hope Luhan really likes Seohyun as all video we saw. If he doesn't have something for her then whats with all the stares?!

They didn't show their moments in public but we pyro's believed that they are real inside n out. PYROTECHNICS(FIREWORKS) Yoonhae the reel & real couple... Yoonhae for the win Not only is the Yoon Hae couple different from most other kpop couples (they are so subtle, yet even the little moments they share are as loud as fireworks), but the Pyrotechnics are very different as well.

And we pyro's believed that they will married soon or later. The founders of our fandom wanted us to be respectful, always caring, and always faithful.

They look good together& I think lulu really has something for seohyun.

Unless we do have feeling for them and lulu is way to obvious with all of his stares. Best couple Wires (Kyuhyun & Seohyun) Evil Prince and Angel princess laugh out loud. I can't say anything about them, because I believe they're REAL couple : DKyuhyun look shy if He near to Seohyun and so do Her...

The two quickly took off to visit one of their must-see spots, Mount Ali (Alishan).

In order for them to get to the site, the two had to get on a train and it was at that moment when one foreign traveler asked them, "Are you two models?

You know you're in your dream high school when you're surrounded by K-Pop idols!

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