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The familiarity of these faces makes the show’s dreamlike visuals all the more disorienting.The screenwriters use voice-overs to relay Offred’s stream-of-consciousness narration, drawing us into her mind.

In the novel, the world before Gilead resembles the America of the early nineteen-eighties. Serena Joy, Fred’s wife, recalls anti-feminists like Phyllis Schlafly, who built highly successful careers while publicly admonishing women to stay at home.

The rising religious fundamentalists hold burnings of the kinds of B. The Hulu adaptation, which premierès on Wednesday, has inserted details that place the story closer to the present day. In a clever bit of casting, the Handmaids themselves are some of recent television’s most recognizable and pluckiest women: Moss became a career-girl icon, as Peggy in “Mad Men,” and Samira Wiley, who plays Offred’s friend Moira, is best known as Poussey from “Orange Is the New Black.” Alexis Bledel, of “Gilmore Girls,” plays Ofglen, Offred’s shopping partner, who gradually reveals herself as a member of a shadowy resistance (and a lesbian, whose partner is hanged before her eyes when they are discovered).

But the cultural forces that Atwood was responding to included a neoliberal revolution that colluded in oppressing women.

This idea has become more, not less, relevant in the three decades since the novel was published.

Reagan Republicans called for a restoration of “family values” while also seeking to dismantle public programs—from health care and child care to good public schools and universities—that support childbearing and child-rearing; in the absence of such policies, families, and women in particular, are left to pick up the slack.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” emphasizes the dangers of religious fundamentalism and draws upon the imagery of Communist authoritarianism, alluding to under-stocked grocery stores and ubiquitous spies.

Die Jahreslosung für 2018 schenkt für eine solche Phase ein Hoffnungsbild des Glaubens, dafür wurde ein Zitat aus der Offenbarung des Johannes gewählt: „Gott spricht: Ich will dem Durstigen geben von der Quelle des lebendigen Wassers umsonst.“ Kirchenpräsident Dr. Aktion „Wasser für alle“ Die evangelischen Kirchen haben am Sonntag die 59. Dekanat lobt Engagement-Preis aus Christen, Muslime, Juden und Bahai im...

the casting call for male actors for Hulu’s new TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”: Guard with Machine Gun #1; Guard with Machine Gun #2; Cop in Riot Gear; Hangman, Hanged Man. They have no right to make the world but must make it keep going—by shopping, cooking, cleaning, and having children.

Some women become Marthas, or domestic servants; some female zealots work as Aunts, breaking Handmaids into obedience at the Rachel and Leah Center. Offred and her family tried to flee and were apprehended.

These stratifications keep Gilead’s women occupied with their own alliances and enmities; they do not rise against the men who have subjugated them. We learn that our narrator, Offred (Elisabeth Moss)—named after her Commander, Fred, as all Handmaids are—had a husband and daughter and was working in Boston when women began to have their rights stripped away. She cannot be certain what has happened to the others. pornography that “radical feminists” and conservative Republicans joined forces to ban during those years.

“What I call them is, you’re a ‘host.’ ”“The Handmaid’s Tale” ’s most chilling resonance, though, comes from its vision of a society that compels women to keep reproducing even when it’s become increasingly difficult for them to do so.

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