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She was begging me to let her give me a bj and have sex.

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This FAQ answers some questions you may have about privacy, hepatitis C infection and the law.

As a general rule, people have a right to keep their health information private, including information about their hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection or disease.

But there are exceptions to these general rules, such as situations where there may be a legal duty for a person to disclose his or her HCV infection, or where someone else may have the legal power to disclose such information.

Read the entire FAQ below, or click on a link to skip to a specific situation: Hepatitis C is a reportable disease.

I fill that it is so screwed up that the first thing that comes out of our mouths after we say we have hep is to give an excuss how we got it. By having this desease has made me a better person, I can see how shallow a lot of people are about other people with a desease or disability. I have been single for over 4 years trying to get my life back in order from my last relationship.

This is the last time I will tell someone how I got this desease. Well, on our first date she tried everything for me to have sex with her.

The hepatitis C virus is not transmitted by casual contact, such as sharing dishes, shaking hands and hugging.

But blood and items that come in contact with blood may be infectious to other people.

Thats when I told her that she should go her way and I will go mine and have a happy life and that it was noones fault but do to unforseen events it just wasnt going to work out. Now I fill like the next woman I meet, maybe I shouldnt mention anything to her until we have gone out for atleast long enough to be able to make a better decision on this subject, but I just dont know.

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