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But if it’s is just about training, and you want to do that, I have no problem.I think you can get a little more specialization, more individualized training, and that’s fine. It’s paid off for some of our kids, I’m not going to try and outsmart myself.” Hughes was signed off the Giants’ practice squad by the Eagles on November 23, 2010, to fill the slot vacated after cornerback Ellis Hobbs who was placed on the injured reserve.

You are also working different muscles, that type of stuff.

“John Wooden used to say the greatest asset you want your player to have is competitive desire,” Mc Shane continued.

“It’s like five cents an hour.” Before joining the Pennsbury seven years ago, Mc Shane was the head coach at Bensalem High for 10 years.

Mc Shane grew up in South Philadelphia, attended West Catholic High School and played football at West Chester University.

“Olympic lifts are kind of expensive to teach,” Mc Shane said.

“There is speed involved and when there’s speed involved, there is a high degree involved of poor technique and injuries.“You can get into 17 different ways if doing curls and ‘beach work’ I call it.The reality is they should be working on basic strength: squat, bench, deadlift, maybe overhead press and pull-ups.” Mc Shane said he likes Olympic style movements but getting involved with platforms and bumper plates and teaching what is essentially a sport in itself, can get complicated which is not his style.“We start our winter workouts where there is no football,” Mc Shane said. “Like I said, I’ve got some buddies at Villanova, Delaware and Penn.Anything from football concepts to weight training. Copying what other people do.” Mc Shane keeps beating the drum for his players to stick to a program. “I tell the kids if you’re bench pressing all the time, you’re never going to get better.There is a never-ending race to grab an athletic scholarship and save the student or his or her parents up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition. “We tell our kids, they can train with us or they can train with their own personal trainer, they’re going to train somewhere.” Mc Shane said he has an assistant coach who trains his and other players on the side “We do have a couple good ones in the area,” Mc Shane said.

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