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Bhopal , MP Feb 23, 2011 Wed 9 : 35 PMAs the DJ in the not too distant horizon takes a breather, let me gather up sufficient silent skill to put in my connect with the familia !

the exotic new shade that adds to your exhilarating moments ! The reason is: "Time" the famous American news- weekly in its issue of the 3rd November has reproduced 2xcerpts from the ever popular "Editor's Mail" in 'filmindia": — INDIA UCH A THING In Bombay's movie fanpaper, Filmindia, Editor Baburao Patel conducts an unusually- piquant question-&-ans\ver department. Sturdy — Reliable — effi- cient and easy of opera- tion ' Philips ' Projector easily becomes the ideal equipment for a tropical country like India. R A 'gramophone de mm 23J 10,000 Elegant Wnsi Watch for e3cn One Error solver. Special Bonus for solver Msrii Bonus fc» each Four Exrer solve*. 23 1 The Seventh anniversary of Commonsense Crosswords, and a prize offer of over Rs. It doesn't matter whether your entry is All Correct or how many errors it contains, if it is the best attempt at the puzzle helow you will receive Rs. Friend Subramaniam's main virtue is sincerity of purpose and therefore whatever he does he will do to the best of his ability.

1VAANY are the arts which have been handed down through the ages to make woman more beautiful, yet are they of little avail if her skin be coarse and unattractive. While this proves the unique country-wide popu- larity of RCA Sound Equipment it also supplies ample proof of the exhibitors' anxiety to give their patrons the very best in motion picture exhibition. RCA has paid its way not only be- cause of its excellent reproduction of sound but also because of the efficient and reliable construction of its equipment. They looked gorgeous in their saris and no one doubted that they looked equally gorgeous underneath.

What a family we have created, dearest ones and what a marvelous example of all that is good in this world has been demonstrated by those connected. I was filled with incredible emotion as soon as I was given this information and needed to share this with all. You have shown that you are indeed special and considerate and so full of care for fellow human beings.

I need to thank too all those that commented on the previous post about my circumstances and the one example that I used. WROTE MORE THAN ANOTHER 1000 WORDS AND THE HOTEL INTERNET WENT OFF …

Few of websites are asking to subscribe for their International mobile numbers search directory only for 10$.

I checked out their reviews about various review websites and all these proved scams.

If my writing depicts, as has been repeatedly pointed out to me, that I speak with you, then it is important that I be able to hear you as well, and not some distant electronic rave.

The rave is good, entertaining, and I am certain accommodative of certain necessities. Talking of which I must bring to mention here an act of great compassion and love from my dearest EF’s at Dubai, that not only have celebrated an occasion on the completion of certain time limits, but have, I believe pooled in funds to get Reeham out of Egypt for a visit to dubai in this time of stress for her.

This is mostly because of killing girl child in rural and illiterate communities.

We have only 102 districts out of 640 districts where female sex ratio is higher than male.

‘Closer my God to thee..’ Perhaps the absence of aeroplanes and later space travel, limited their experiences to the closest substitute, and so the mountains.

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