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I was asked by paramedics, police, nurses and doctors over and over and over again "What kind of car were you driving? Prior to the accident, I was in love with this car!!! I have had my HRV - EXL for a week now and I absolutely love it.

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None of us had head injuries, major neck injuries or broken bones.

We were able walk away with just some bruises and soreness.

The interior EXL just feels high class, and looks it too.

I have a feeling it will withstand the test of time much better, and is much easier to clean than the fabric.

The Tundra hit my passengers side door bending the frame of the car.

When it stopped the rear of the car was completely off the ground.

Around town you have plenty of power, and even merging on the highway you have all you need. If Honda wanted to give it a few more horses I wouldn't complain, but had reviews not mentioned acceleration I wouldn't have thought twice about it when test driving it.

The overall handling of the car I think is amazing, especially for its price tag.

So far I have been averaging 32mpg under mixed highway/city driving.

Personally I have grown to really like the lane watch camera.

Buying a car is a very personal thing, but here is my experience with my HRV so far.

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