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But Roaming Profiles also have limitations, such as casting a large net by moving the entire profile (or the App Data roaming folder on newer versions of Windows) or being tied to specific versions of Windows.VMware User Environment Manager, or UEM for short, is one of a few 3rd-party user environment management tools that can provide a lighter-weight solution than Roaming Profiles.

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UEM Components There are four main components for VMware UEM.

The components are: The UEM Console is the central management tool for UEM.

It doesn't really matter; don't be picky and contribute to the project anyway, rather than pointlessly duplicating work under another license you like better.

(This attitude isn't unique to any particular cultural camp.

It can also be used to create default settings that are applied to an application when a user launches it, and this can be used to reduce the amount of time it takes to get users applications configured for the first time.

The other support tool is the Help Desk support tool.UEM also includes a couple of additional tools to assist administrators with maintaining environment.The first of these tools is the Application Profiler Tool.People who chose to work with one or another are deliberately choosing to do somewhat different types of work (generally in their free time).To tell these people that these things don't matter and that they should live with different ones is to dictate to them that they should be doing the type of work you want them to be doing, not the type of work they've chosen to do. We are 'obviously correct' about what matters, our opinions are better, and other people should change to follow what we think is important, not what they've chosen.These are the main questions that come up from an infrastructure and architecture perspective, and they influence how the UEM file shares and Group Policy objects will be configured.

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