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The selected version is passed in 2 properties to the build: The 'Artifact Resolver' build step allows you to download the specified artifact in a build step.

The location where the artifact is downloaded to can be specified by the parameters "target directory" and "target filename": For passing the parameter version use The following Maven POM downloads the artifact, and passes the path to the artifact to a shell script for further processing.

A proxy repository can be used instead of directly referring to a third-party repository.

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Repository Connector adds features for resolving artifacts from a Maven repository like Nexus or Artifactory.

When installing this plugin, you'll be given an additional build parameter 'Maven Repository Artifact' and a build step 'Artifact Resolver', allowing you to select versions from a remote repository and to download the artifact.

It can even be used in the version field of the Artifact Resolver build step.

The version selection feature is provided by the build parameter 'Maven Repository Artifact': The special versions "LATEST" and "RELEASE" are added to the list where the latter is the default selection (new, not yet-released feature, see JENKINS-28323).

For significant build performance improvement, fetch dependencies from a less loaded, more proximate, proxy server.

If you require third party artifacts from other public repositories, then add them to your repository as additional Proxy Connectors.

For example, unpack the distribution in the following location: This section provides details on how to configure Archiva, not just in general, but also some specific configuration for use in a Fusion Middleware environment.

This section contains the following topics: When you visit the Archiva home page for the first time, you are prompted to set the administration password.

For Hudson, to publish build output to the repository, each user who accesses the repository should have their own user id, and you should create an additional user with deployment permissions.

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