I want a no hassle dating site

Thank you so much, I can not begin to express how great this program is!

It would be great to have some read proof to show them.

A few MSGTAG users have even told us that they use read proof to figure out who is serious on dating sites.

It's the very best email tracking software for when you need a reliable email read confirmation.

Sometimes it's really great to have evidence that your message was receieved: "read proof".

It's really helpful for them to know if their message is getting through and how interesting their offers are to you.

But lets say you weren't too happy about that combination vegetable steamer/clothes drier you bought from them and emailed them to ask if your clothes are supposed to small like spuds.

:) Big companies have been tracking email for years.

Every time you get an email newsletter from a retailer you can be sure that they have email tracking switched on.

Read what our users are saying:"I've been using MSGTAG for only a couple of weeks now — and I love it. "Dave Sibley"I just want to say how very much I enjoy this application!

It really IS a great little utility"Bob Arnowitt, New Jersey, USA"I purchased MSGTAG and LOVE it!!! I purchased two licenses and had no idea how much I would value this software. It is so good with dealing in online transactions to know when mail is opened. In a world where we deal in email and long distance communication so heavily, this application proves its worth! "Gordon Barton, Twin Falls, ID"Congratulations on MSGTAG - I don't think I could live without it now!

"Tony Mac Donnell, UK"I have been using MSGTAG for the last couple of months and am absolutely staggered by its performance.

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