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After your mom does the dishes and the silverwear, I'd dry fuck her till I nut in my underwear!

(Host)Now let's meet contestant #2, He's a psychopathic derranged crackhead freak Who works for the Dark Carnival. Sharon, let's hear your question.(Sharon)I like a man who's not afraid to show his true emotions. But if I did, I'd probably show you that I care, By takin' all these other mutha fuckers outta here!

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If it was possible for me to give a record ZERO stars here, then this one (and anything else by these jackasses) would get zero stars.

Here's to hoping that all the "Juggalos" grow up and move on to better music.recently my one son brandon has gotten into the hip hop music and so sometimes he plays this album when were driving to the pickle barrel or applebees.

Insane Clown Posse is a horrorcore rap group consisting of Shaggy 2 Dope [real name Joseph William Ustler] and Violent J [real name Joseph Bruce], with a majority of their rap focusing around The Dark Carnival, using Joker’s Cards to explain such, with the first deck spanning from their debut album, Carnival of Carnage, to their sixth album, The Wraith, Shangri-La and Hell’s Pit, and the second deck spanning Bang! Boom onwards, with the most recent album as of this writing [December 2015] being The Marvelous Missing Link, Lost and Found being two seperate parts, but ultimately becoming the third card.

The group is also known for having a large fanbase, painting themselves in the facepaint of the two members and using Faygo as their arc drink, known as Juggalos.

i dont like either of the vocalists and im not sure if theyd be able to get a record deal back in the 70s but i guess the record industry will try anything oncethe only songs tht stand out to me are 'whats a juggalo' and 'house of horrors'whats a juggalo seems to me an anthemic track about wht it is to be a juggalo.

there arent many answers and since i am not really sure wht one is its hard for me to understand.Tell me what you'd do to make that first impression really stay. I'd probably just show up naked like I always do, And look your mama in the eye and tell her fuck you!Let's see, hmm, well I'd have to think about it. Hurry up bitch I'm hungry, I smell spaghetti, I'd pinch her loopy ass and tell her get the food ready!A man who expresses himself in his own special way.#2, if you fell in love with me, exactly how would you let me know? I'd go through your phonebook and whack 'em all, And find contestant #1 and break his fuckin' jaw!(what)Anyone who looked at ya, would have to pay I'd be blowin' fuckin' nuggets off all day!(Host Intro)Let's meet contestant #1He's a schitzophrenic serial killer clown, Who says women love his sexy smile.

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